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Bettinsoli's hunting guns represent the best combination between the gun-making tradtion of Gardone Val Trompia and the application of CNC production techniques, also integrating experimental approaches and a design appreciated everywhere. The designing, choice of materials, their processing and final assembling aim at offering an execellent value for money. 

The main components are forged and then machined by CNc machines. The dimensions are checked in a dedicated metrological environment.

A hand made finishing where all details are important: all guns at Bettinsoli's are supplied with a forged action (including the models with an Ergal action) and steel barrels in chrome molybdenum. The nickel-plating of the actions ensures the best protection against corrosion, as well as an incomparable finishing. The barrel bares are chromium plated. Special care is involved in the choice of wood: the selection and finishing are particularly accurate. Quality is pursued without compromise. Each and every single gun from Bettonsoli's that is sold on the market is checked along the whole production process and undergoes a final check after being tested at the House of Proof (the test is above 1370 bar for all models).