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The Bisley air cylinders from are a great item to add to any PCP owner’s kit to keep their guns filled and on point.  They come in three different sizes and are made from a single piece of steel and the amount of work that goes into making these cylinders.

  What impresses me is the sheer amount of pressure that these items can take and considering the thickness of the metal is only 3.7mm, it’s incredible that they can hold up to 300 bar safely. All cylinders for use with air rifles do require a check at your local diving shop every five years but if looked after properly, these can last you a lifetime.


When it comes to picking a size of air bottle it will come down to two things.  Do you have enough space to store a larger bottle and what sort of price you want to pay?  There is quite a variance with the amount of fills and shots when you compare the different sizes. 

The BEST Fittings EXTENDED Quick Coupler Socket.

Our new socket has been designed to allow connection to “Foster Type” fill nipples that are recessed deeply within the stock.

If you need a coupler release tool, then this socket should overcome that problem as the release collar is a full 30mm long, as opposed to the 10.5mm long on our standard coupler.

BEST Fittings Quick Coupler starter kits offer a high quality cost effective, slim line solution enabling the quick and easy change over from one filling probe to another. Compatible with all fill probes with the Industry Standard 1/8″ BSP male thread and hoses with a 1/8″ BSP Female.

Pack contains:

  • 1 x BEST Fittings 1/8″ BSP Quick Coupler Socket Snap On Connector

  • 2 x Quick Coupler Plugs with Bonded Seal Washers

  • 1 x Stainless Steel Combined Pressure Test/Dust plug

Operating Instructions:

  • Fit the socket to the fill line. Finger tight + 1/2 a turn with spanners is sufficient.

  • Fit a bonded seal washer over the thread of your fill probe.

  • Screw on a quick coupler plug and nip up with spanners.

  • Now simply snap the appropriate fill probe into the socket and fill..

  • The cylinder pressure test/dust plug can be installed into the female socket when not in use, and if you open the cylinder valve with the plug in, you can read your remaining cylinder pressure on the cylinder gauge. Bleed the fill line after use.


Add more fill probes to your BEST Fittings Starter Kit, BEST Fittings QC02 Quick Coupler Socketor compatible Foster 12FS, 12FSS and 12MS Straight Thru Quick Snap Couplers. Quality Stainless Steel, made in the UK.

BEST Fittings Quick Coupler Plugs QC03 will also connect directly to the snap coupler supplied with many popular rifles such as Daystate, Crosman, Benjamin etc. So if you already have one of those, then simply fit one of our Quick Coupler Plugs to each of your other fill probes to enjoy swift interchange of fill connectors.

Air Arms Replacement Fill Valve S400/410/ (200 with push on cover only). Now fitted with our fully serviceable High Pressure Fill Valve Internals, and can be serviced with product 03C2-SK01

Early style with push on and screw on valve covers.

Also fitted to Logun Mk1 Professional

Complete with a new bonded seal washer.

Air Arms Replacement Female Fill Coupling, Old Style Early Type.

Suits Air Arms S400/410/200. Pre ‘T’ bar type. Also fits Logun Professional MK1.

This connector is also used in some quick coupler interchange kits based on the early Air Arms filling connectors.

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