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The Walther CP99 is simply authentic. The many variants are used by police units throughout the world and prized by sport shooters and collectors. This CO2 version looks just like the original and shares its technical features: a decocking lever, ambidextrous magazine release and interchangeable backstrap. Innovative details, including a fast-action system for quick loading and quick-change cartridges, make the CO2 version an ideal training weapon. It has all the feel of the original. Because it's authentic.

Calibre: 4.5 mm (.177) Pellet

  • Capacity: 8 rounds

  • Velocity: 361 ft/s

  • Length: 180 mm

  • Weight: 740 g

If you own a CP88, you also own a piece of history. This is not only an authentic replica of the legendary Walther P88, it's also the first pellet-shooting CO2 pistol made by Umarex. At the time, this was a true milestone and absolutely unique. In precision, performance and reliability is set standards for a whole generation of recreational guns. With its 8-shot rotary magazine and interchangeable barrel system, the CP88 still commands respect. It's what legends are made of.


  • Calibre: 4.5 mm (.177) Pellet

  • Capacity: 8 rounds

  • Velocity: 393 ft/s

  • Length: 180 mm

  • Weight: 1040 g

The Walther CP88, a high-quality, genuine replica of the Walther P88, is a true piece of history. It was the first pellet-shooting CO₂ pistol in the Umarex product range – a milestone for the company. In precision, performance and reliability it set standards for the current generation of airguns. Made in Germany, it continues to inspire both sport shooters and recreational shooters.

The firing mechanism, which relies on an 8-round rotary magazine, is optimized for high performance. Unlike the mechanism in many other pistols, it is located in the two-part slide behind the barrel instead of in the frame. This ensures that pellets are fed precisely into the rifled barrel. Power is supplied by a 12 g CO₂ cartridge.

The competition barrel increases the precision of the Walther CP88 by yet another step. Pellets travel 143 mm through it instead of 90 mm.

Walther PPK/s is very similar to the previous model, but with the distinct change of the co2 loading method. This new pistol features a hidden screw which is tightened with a special tool which is included, instead of the large visible knob which was seen on the old model this is nicely hidden away.

This PPKs is a blowback pistol which means the slide shoots backwards on each shot to reload the next 4.5 steel BB, which provide a great sense of realism. The frame of the pistol is a full metal construction which gives it a very good weight, and also ensures that the moving parts won’t wear as quickly as the plastic models available.

The pistol fires 4.5mm steel BBs from a plastic magazine which drops out from the bottom of the pistol and can hold 15 rounds. The trigger is a single action unit and a manual safety helps to prevent accidental discharge.

This is a very nice upgraded pistol that will not disappoint and supply many hours of fun.

This Walther PPQ has a number of features that enhance its safety and accuracy. The HI-GRIP surface fi nish in the grip area ensures quick, safe handling. This authentic replica has the same cylinder magazine system that has made Umarex CO₂-powered airguns so popular all over the world for decades. The adjustable rear sight and Picatinny rail under the muzzle give users many ways to adapt the Walther PPQ to their requirements.

Walther P38 Black uses a 12-gram CO2 cartridge and fires in semi-auto. This has a 20rd drop-free BB mag that takes 177/4.5mm copper/steel BBs.
This has a very nice blowback action with a 2-stage non-adjustable trigger. This has a very nice gloss black finish with fixed sights. This should get about 40-50 shots from one 12g Co2 capsule.
This is an authentic replica of the original pistol with realistic weight and feel.

  • Length : 216 mm

  • Barrel length : 120 mm

  • Weight : 720 g

  • Mag. Capacity : 20

  • Approx Power : 2.8 ft/lbs

  • Ammo Type : 4.5mm BB


Made by Walther, this Nighthawk is an exceptionally made CO2 air pistol that fires .177 pellets with high accuracy. The gun is equipped with a variety of attachments, including a walther red dot sight, to make it fantastically easy to shoot. The gun is built on a metal frame with a polymer body that keeps the gun strong and resistant to damage, but also very light and manageable in the hands. The gun comes complete in a foam lined hard case and with 2 x 8 shot rotary magazines.

  • Replica Air Pistol

  • 2 x 8 shots micro cylinder magazine

  • Fires .177 Pellet

  • Powerd with Co2 12gr cartridge

  • Capacity per cartridge is around 60 shots

  • Black mat finish

  • Redpoint reflex sight

  • With Silencer

  • With case

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