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Optic Accesories

Hawke Scope Mounts are the best rings for Hawke scopes. If you are mounting any scope or any of the Hawke Airmax, Sidewinder, Vantage, Vantage IR, Panorama and Endurance you need these mounts. From humble beginnings in the founder’s garage over 40 years ago, Hawke has become a world leader in sports optics. With their Headquartered in the United Kingdom with a presence in over 60 countries and expanding to the United States in 2007, they are still a family-run business today. Their mission was to produce the finest precision optics available anywhere in the world. They do this with relentless dedication to quality and innovation. Hawke starts with the finest materials and the highest quality standards. Precision designs result in products with outstanding performance in the field. And their world-class No-Fault Lifetime Warranty will give you peace of mind in your purchase. 

Hawke 9-11 dovetail scope mounts,available in medium and high versions. Available for 30mm and 1 inch scopes For all rifle's with a 9-11 dovetail rail.

For keeping things level, the Hawke Bubbble Level Dovetail/Weaver Fitting will do the job for you. Attaches to Dovetail to ensure Bore and Reticle Alignment at a Glance. 9-11mm Dovetail Fitting 

  • Use in front of, under or behind scope depending on your set up and preference.

  • Anti cant - Make sure your scope is absolutely level for enhanced long range accuracy

  • Shock proof - can be used on real fire caliber as well as air rifles

Hawke Weaver scope mounts,available in medium an high versions. Available for 30mm and 1" inch scope's. For all rifles with a weaver/picatinny rail.

Pair of 11mm dovetail adapters for Crosman air rifles / pistols such as the Ratcatcher and Rabbitstopper.

Length ~ 21mm.

Overall height ~ 28mm.

Elevation ~ 10mm.

Provides 11mm wide dovetail rails.

Aluminium construction with matt black anodised finish.

Weighs approx 36 grams.

Required to mount sights on to models 1322, 1377, 2240, 2250, 2250XL, 2260 etc.

  • 9.5mm - Weaver / Picatinny adapter rail.

  • Converts most air rifle and rimfire dovetails to Weaver / Picatinny allowing night sights, range finding scopes etc. to be fitted.

  • Allows loading on most precharged air rifles.

  • Quick and easy to remove allowing rapid fitting of daytime scope.

  • Includes removable arrestor pin:- 19mm (overall height)

Quality made sportsmatch 30mm high reach back mounts for air rifles and rifles fitted with a 9-11mm dovetail rail. These reach-back mounts allow a scope to be mounted approximately 1" further back than conventional mounts will allow.

Includes a recoil arrestor pin if required for a spring air rifle. Allen keys included.

Suitable for scopes with a 30mm tube and objective lens up to 56mm.

  • Made from state-of-the-art polymer technology.

  • See-thru Amber for light gathering

  • Snap-lock Feature provides dust and watertight integrity

Bushwacker Optic Covers employ state-of-the-art polymer technology designed to maximize the product's versatility. See-Thru Amber incorporates a transparent yellow lid ideal for light gathering under low light conditions. All models have a simple snap-lock feature providing for dust and watertight integrity. These highly stretchable covers are manufactured to fit both ocular and objective lenses and are ideal for firearm and spotting scopes, binoculars and cameras.

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