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Rifle Scopes

Hawke Fastmount
Hawke Vantage

We stock a wide range of Hawke Products and Hawke Vantage 3-9x50 AO Mil-Dot Rifle Scopes.

Simplicity is underrated. Sometimes, there isn’t a need for bells and whistles. All that is needed is a solid product to do a job. Vantage riflescopes deliver performance beyond what is expected at this price point. With the design focus on functionality and performance in the field, the Vantage line represents tremendous value without cutting corners on the things that matter. Adjustable objective (AO) models allow you to correct parallax error down to 10 yards.

Vantage Rifle Scopes feature a mono-tube chassis to provide stability and durability, to even magnum recoil. A mix of X-ACT ballistic and standard reticle options mean Vantage scopes are at home in almost any environment and with virtually any firearm. Versatile, affordable, exceptional. Vantage from Hawke is redefining value in optics.

Airmax System H2

Airmax scopes feature our H2 optics in a variety of configurations designed to suit airgun characteristics and are available in First Focal Plane (FFP) and Second Focal Plane (SFP). The all-new Airmax 30 WA Touch offers an unbelievable 37° FOV; unrivalled in sport optics.

Hawke Fast Mount series scopes are a fantastic value for money scope and they include 9-11mm scope mounts suitable for most air rifle and rimfire guns.

Versatile, affordable, exceptional. Hawke is redefining value in optics.

All models feature the popular mil-dot reticle which provides easy guides for holdover.

IR models feature an Illuminated Reticle which features 5 incremental brightness settings in both red and green.

AO models have an adjustable front objective for distance focus.

The 4×32 models are a fixed magnification but all other models are adjustable zoom.

Full Hawke lifetime warranty.

ReticleChoose an optionStandardIlluminated

VersionChoose an option4x32 (11301)3-9x40 (11321)3-9x40 AO (11323)3-9x50 (11331)3-9x50 AO (11333)3-9x50 AO IR (11432)3-12x50 AO IR (11435)4-16x50 AO IR (11560)6-24x50 AO IR (11465)

Hawke Fastmount Rifle Scope Including Mounts quantity


Hawke’s new System H5 optics boast a stunning 24 ultra-wide field of view with generous 4 inch (100mm) eye relief. This projects a high volume ‘eye-box’ image that passes through the scope, bringing you closer to the action than ever before.

Improved sharpness and clarity provides incredible accuracy and unrivalled down range performance. 18 layer multiple lens coatings allow for the intense light transmission required from top optical devices.

High grade, low dispersion crown glass is used throughout to create crisp first and second focal plane optical systems that have minimal field curvature and distortion.

Airmax 30 Compact
  •  Designed specifically to withstand the recoil of an airgun, this gun scope has world-class optics for clarity and a specially designed airgun reticle with multiple aim points for pellet trajectories.

  • WIDE ANGLE VIEW AND COMPACT DESIGN GUN SCOPE - Wide angle lenses give a huge field of view for varmint/airgun shooting, while the compact design and shorter optical system makes this scope ideal for bull pup and forward loading air rifles.

  • EXCELLENT CLARITY AND DURABILITY - Gun scope optics are Fully Multi-Coated (FMC) with 11 layers for bright, sharp, detailed images housed in a mono-tube 30mm chassis for superior strength.

  • GLASS ETCHED ILLUMINATED AMX RETICLE - With 6 levels of brightness. Designed on the spacing of a 10xmil dot, the reticle offers multiple aim points, with hollow posts for bracketing.


Exact Range

The Richter Exact Range of scopes are packed full of features and are perfect for multiple shooting scenarios including hunting, target shooting and airgun target and pest control shooting. Offering superb optical quality to provide clear, crisp and bright images, the Exact range are top quality scopes that are excellent value for money.

The range consists of three different models. 

Milbro 2020 Series

Each model in this High End series of Ultra HD Optics include a huge list of features which include UHD Enhanced Broadband Green Coated polished lenses, Wide Angle View, Precise Focusing, Micro Adjustable Parallax Adjust, Highly Accurate Matched Turrets with Micro MOA per click, High Light Transmit Admission objective, Reticule Illuminated Adjustment with 3 Brightness controlled Red, Green or Blue MilDot reticules, Smooth Zooming Wheel and Absolute Even (light) Weight Balance from front to back enabling perfect weight distribution on your favoured gun.

Each Milbro® 2020 VOS™ UHD scope is supplied with high quality precision see thru airgun 1” mounts and we have manage to achieve all of these extremely High End features and still manage to deliver you and your client an almost unbeatable value for money optic in the industry today.

Milbro® 2020 Vision Optic Series™ …we think the choice is now very clear!

Optika5 2-10x42

The 1” tube Optika5 2-10x42 is available in 2 configurations, with or without side mounted adjustable parallax (PA). Both models feature MeoBright lens coatings for optimal light transmission and MeoDrop hydrophobic water repellant coating. Fixed parallax 2-10x42s are set parallax free at 100 yards, while the parallax adjustable (PA) version has side mounted adjustable parallax from 10yds to infinity for fine-tuned focus at any range. Second focal plane reticle options include Z-Plex and MOA based Z-Plus. ¼ MOA adjustments are standard on both models.

The Konus KONUSPRO-550 4-16X50 Rifle Scope. If you’re looking for more power with a bigger objective lens, then the 4x-16×50 is the perfect scope. Gathering 156% of the available light versus a 40mm lens, you’ll run out of ammo before you run out of light. The KonusPro 550 takes the guess work out of hold over angles for even the most difficult of shots. The exclusive ballistic reticle, coinciding with the most popular center fire loads today, provides you with a system of reference lines for exact aiming points out to 550 yards. Lateral hash marks allow for precise leads of moving targets as well as compensating for strong crosswinds. The glass engraved ballistic reticle is unbreakable, and the multi-coated optics are clear and bright. Parallax is removed thanks to the adjustable objective.

These scopes stand out as excellent value for money and includes a 2 Year Warranty; Konus rifle scopes give every demanding sportsman the chance to step on the field and successfully take even the most difficult shot.

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