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Snowpeak P35


The P35 is available in .22 .25 .177

Weight 4.4LBS Length 26"


This multi-shot rifle has a superb synthetic short bull pup stock, which has a comfortable thumbhole for ease of handing with a sleek finish. Simple structure, east handling and good stability.

Based on the popular Artemis P15 this airgun has a synthetic stock and a cocking lever which is set more forward than the P15 making it easier to cock.



Single or multi shot

Air capacity: 265 CC

Max fill pressure: 200 bar

Standard quick fill adaptorManual safety

The Snowpeak PP750 comes with an adjustable butt plate which slides out on extending rods to make the pistol more like a rifle.

It comes with open sights but also has a dovetail rail to mount an scope or other accessories.

The power of the Artemis PP750 is kept consistent with a regulating valve located in the air cylinder, it has an adjustable trigger and is cocked by a side lever making this a lovely gun to shoot.

Snowpeak PP750 Specifications:

  • Action – Multi Shot Side Lever

  • Power Type – PCP

  • Ammo Type – Pellet

  • Stock – Synthetic Tactical

  • Trigger – Adjustable

  • Total Length – 40cm

  • Barrel Length – 20cm

  • Weight – 1.47kg

.177 – 9 shots /510FPS

.22 – 7Shots /380FPS

The Snowpeak PP800 PCP pistol is available in 4.5 mm and 5.5 mm calibers and has a magazine capacity of 9 pellets in 4.5 mm and 7 pellets in 5.5 mm. With the included single shot adapter, the Artemis PP800 can also be manually loaded.

The trigger of the Snowpeak PP800 is adjustable from 230 to 1800 grams (0.5-4 lbs) and the pistol features a 11mm dovetail rail for mounting accessories. The stippled wooden grip is suitable for both left- and richtended use and this PCP pistol comes with Foster filling probe, moderator and the already mentioned magazine and single shot adapter.

Fill pressure 200 bar

Air Pistol for Competition PP20 offers the on;y option for caliber, that is .177(4.5mm). When you need air pistol for competiton, PP20 can meet your requirement. It's very light, only 1.1kg weight. By compressing air to push the pellets out, it's a very simple but effective Air Gun. The air tank is detachable, so you can get the air tank out of the pistol when you need to charge. It makes charging air more convenience, and easy to take with. Although the trigger don't have safety, it's adjustable, can satisfy different needs. What we can't miss is its excellent apperance, simple but elegant enough.

The air cylinder is also available in blue,red,and silver.

The brand new Artemis LP 400 single shot pneumatic air pistol is the latest single shot single stroke pneumatic pistol from Artemis.

This full metal 1911 look a like pistol is ideal for plinking and for those shooters who want an accurate pistol that looks similar to a 1911

ActionSingle stroke pneumatic

Calibre.177 (4.5mm)

TypeSpring shot target pistol


Length (total)5.7"

  • Full metal

 pp700w pcp precharged air pistol , the pp700w is a single shot firing pistol that has a easy loading pendulum chamber and is simply cocked by pulling the rear pendulum cocking lever .

the p700w will provide 25-30 shots per charge and fire at 700 fps in a .177 and 600 fps in a .22 .

This makes this precharged pistol ideal for pest control , of rats and rabbits or ideal for pigeon control.

The Snowpeak pp700w is also ideal for targeting as has a excellenbt steady aim balance and with an 11mm dovetail rail can mount a scope or red dot sight with ease.

The pistol has a integrated suppressor and pressure gauge as standard, synthetic shaped pistol stock and grip.A folding stock is available,which will make it a compact carbine

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